How Paradigm Shifts Demonstrate Science’s Inability to Provide Objective Truth

A synopsis of The Structure of Scientific Revolutions by Thomas Kuhn. 

In Scientific Revolutions, Kuhn makes the logical argument that science can never be purely rational because it requires scientists make subjective value judgments in order to perform the “normal science” out of which their findings arise.

Revolutions coined the phrase “paradigm shift,” sold over 1 million copies, was the most cited book in the arts & humanities between 1976 and 1983 [1], and created significant doubt in science’s ability to ever be objective or purely rational.

This presentation was given to pastors and seminarians at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary as part of a master’s level course on Christianity, truth, and culture.


[1]E. Garfield, “A Different Sort of Great Books List: The 50 Twentieth-Century Works Most Cited in the Arts & Humanities Citation Index, 1976-1983″, Current Contents no. 16, 20 April 1987, pp. 3-7


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