Christian Idol?

Is Angie Miller the next in a developing lineage of American Idol Contemporary Christian music stars?

“You Set Me Free” is an original song written and performed by Angie Miller

It is no secret that American Idol has proven itself a breeding ground for highly successful pop stars and country music stars alike, but there may be a new trend growing. Last year Colton Dixon finished 7th on American Idol season 11. Dixon has gone on to release his debut album, A Messenger, which peaked at #1 on Billboard’s Christian & Gospel album charts, and #15 on Billboard’s Top Top 200.

“You Are” as performed by Colton Dixon and his sister Schyler

If you’ve been watching this season you already know there is another Contemporary Christian star being born. If you aren’t an Idol watcher, I want to call your attention to Angie Miller. Miller is currently a top 4 finalist on Idol Season 12. In her signature style, seated at the piano, Angie has been belting out faith based ballads for weeks. As Randy Jackson says, “Angie is in it to win it.”

Before her American Idol debut, Miller served as a lead singer in the worship band at Remix Church in Salem, MA. I find it dually exciting to see world class talents entering into the genre of Christian music, and to also see the American Idol stage exposing its millions of viewers to Christian performers each week.

Praise, Reprove, Rebuke, or Say Hi