This Christian Is No Dummy

Many in the realm of science have accused Christians of being simple minded people who, rather than theorize, use the Bible to fill in the gaps where there are questions about the origins of the universe and the beginnings of life on Earth. I present to you a Christian who is far from simple minded:

Dr. Ben Carson, director of pediatric neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital is a public speaker whose genius yet common sense application of the Bible has propelled him into the national spotlight. Many evangelicals and conservatives are urging him to run in the next Presidential Election. Carson quickly explains in this video why he believes it takes more faith to believe in scientific theories than in God as our intelligent designer.

Carson was raised by a single mother who dropped out of school in the third grade. She could not read for much of her life. Carson struggled academically throughout elementary school. After his mother reduced his television time and required him to read two books a week and produce written reviews, he started to excel. He went on to earn a degree from Yale University (now an Emeritus Fellow), and graduated from University of Michigan Medical School. He decided to become a doctor after hearing stories of Christian missionary doctors and their ability to heal people physically, mentally, and spiritually. At age 33, he became the youngest major division director in Johns Hopkins history. In 2008, the White House awarded Carson the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation’s highest civilian honor. Carson has been awarded 38 honorary doctorate degrees and dozens of national merit citations.

Carson is making waves these days for the phenomenal speech he gave earlier this year at the National Prayer Breakfast. In this speech he was highly critical of our current government leadership. With President Baraka Obama sitting only two chairs away, Carson called out several national issues, and offered his own solutions for the troubles facing our nation.

In 1987, Carson made medical history by being the first surgeon to successfully separate conjoined twins – joined at the back of the head. The procedure required a 70-member surgical team that worked 22 hours, and was able to successfully separate the twins. These twins have since survived independently.

Ben Carson’s story has become the subject of a movie called Gifted Hands – The Ben Carson Story, in which he was portrayed by Cuba Gooding Jr., as well as being the subject of a TV documentary. Ben Carson shows that not all Christians are simple minded people, incapable of comprehending science, rather intelligent people who understand the need for faith in Jesus Christ.