Evolution? Really?

Richard Dawkins is arguably the world’s leading authority on Evolutionary Biology.  You know…Evolution.  Darwinism – a puddle of mud was struck by lightning and a micro organism was created, evolved to apes, and eventually to man. That’s an over simplification of what we were taught in school, but the general idea.  Dawkins is also a leading proponent of atheism.  Listen here to how he answers the question of where the creative intelligence behind life on earth came from.

Rather than believe in God, he suggests we should first believe in evolution. Then he suggests we should further believe DNA was planted here on Earth by aliens.  Interesting.  So…how did the aliens come into existence?

This clip is taken from the Ben Stein narrated documentary Expelled:  No Intelligence Allowed.  The full movie is posted below.  This is an incredibly interesting movie and definitely worth your time.  It is also streaming on Netflix.  It should be noted this movie was not produced in the name of Christianity.  Ben Stein is Jewish.  This movie was produced with the intent to preserve scientists’ diminishing right to research the possibility of our universe having an intelligent creator.

NRB Network

My TV seems to be stuck on this channel 95% of the time.  I don’t typically do a lot of Christian TV programming because I don’t like having to weed through un-biblical prosperity gospel teaching, watching seed-sewing “preachers” prey on the desperate, and I don’t like watching men with diamond cuff links hold up Ethopian kids and ask for money.  However, as a biblically conservative Christian with questions about God and His Word, I have found something that I do like!!  Created in 2005, the National Religious Broadcasters network provides educational programming with a unique focus on the teaching, values, and worldview of the historic Christian faith.  Programming is first-rate, consisting not of wildly caricatured televangelism shows, but including educational programming such as deep dig Bible study, theology, scientific presentations supporting the claims of the Bible, and Christians interacting and reacting in popular culture.  The NRB can only be seen on DirecTV yet still boasts an audience of up to 15 million viewers nationwide.
The NRB is presently a force in fighting for religious free speech in America.  The network has leveled a suit against Apple Inc for pulling an app that supplied helpful Christian content for families impacted by homosexuality…a raging hot button topic presently.  http://nrb.org/news_room/press_center/the-app-wars-will-apple-bow-or-will-free-speech-prevail-nrb-proj/ 

The NRB is available on DirecTV, channel 378, can be viewed live online here: http://www.nrbnetwork.tv/Pages/watch_online.aspx or by downloading the NRB app for Apple or Android.  Many of the videos I post on this site contain content that has aired on the NRB, and I highly recommend tuning into Renewing Your Mind, Wretched, and Quick Study: Bible Study to further your Bible knowledge.  I also recommend Creation Series, Creation Ministries International, or Answers Creation Hour which each have presentations and debates by highly degreed, world-class scientists investigating the topic of Evolution vs. an Intelligent Designer of the universe.  Very interesting stuff on this channel!