After the Tribulation Movie

Despite 1800 years of Post Tribulation teaching, many Christians of the last two centuries have been led to optimistically believe in a rapture that will not see believers tested by the great tribulation.  Unfortunately, this belief, held against scripture, may be nothing more than wishful thinking.

29 “Immediately after the tribulation (…) 30they will see the Son of Man coming on the clouds (…) 31 and he will send out his angels (…) and they will gather his elect(…). – An abridgement of Matthew 24:29-31

After the Tribulation powers through an in depth Bible exposition addressing, verse by verse, nearly every piece of scripture relating to the rapture.  This, not-for-profit video has been distributed free to all, via the internet, simply for the sake of educating all members of the Body of Christ that they may be prepared for possible challenges to come.

After the Tribulation does an outstanding job of demonstrating that Christ’s own words tell of a rapture that will follow the great tribulation.  Some however will still hold firm to the belief that the rapture will come before the tribulation.  My personal feeling, beyond the belief in a post-tribulation rapture (based on the scripture), is that there are far less consequences for preparing your heart and mind to face great challenges.  If the rapture comes before the tribulation, Christ’s believers will be taken from this earth and we will have nothing to be concerned with.  But, if the rapture IS to come after the tribulation, those who are caught off guard will find themselves completely unprepared for the challenges to come – challenges not only to our physical well-being, but severe challenges to our faith in Christ and to our eternal salvation.  Biblical prophecies warn of an end time mass apostacy, and many who profess to be Christians, when faced with staunch adversity (political, social, or spiritual) will denounce Christ.  I believe that in preparing our souls for great tests, we will be able to persevere and overcoming the great challenges that may come.   After the Tribulation, the full movie may be viewed here, and I highly advise everyone to watch it:

This movie, as well as a 5 disc DVD commentary of Revelation, by the same producers (set to release 8/1/2013),  can be ordered here:  I am definitely excited to watch this when it comes out!